Like A Phoenix (video)

Song written by: Johan Randén, Emlee Johansson, Guernica Mancini & Mona Lindgren
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by: Johan Randén at Nordic Soundlab Drums
Recorded by: Mikko Viitala at Nordic Soundlab
Mastered by: Thomas “Plec” Johansson
Directed and Filmed by: Gustaf Sandholm Andersson of RawFoto & Mikael Hultén of Magic Dragon
Video Edit by: Emlee Johansson
Make Up by: Heli Pitkänen
Hair by: Emelinda Johansson
THE GEMS on “Like A Phoenix”: ”This song is all about getting up when you’ve been pushed down, not letting the negative words of others define you. Rise like a phoenix – the main focus is to empower and give you the motivation to never give up. The video is about the “rebirth” of us as a band and how we, through fire, have become something much stronger and fearless. We felt it was the perfect first single on our new journey as The Gems, and we absolutely love the song!!”